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Your Contributions Make an Impact

How you can help

1. Mail us a check to:

The Ponce Project

3224 Westheimer Rd

Houston TX 77098

2. Send us a donation on Zelle using the following email:

3. Donate online:

Make a one-time donation


Become a Sponsor

You automatically become a Sponsor of The Ponce Project with your donation. If you would like us to direct your contribution to a specific area please let us know. These are some examples:


MUSICIANS - sponsor a specific musician during the season or a specific concert; to have high-caliber performances musicians need to get paid fairly so they can devote time to learning and rehearsing the repertoire


RESEARCH - most of the music we perform is not readily available for rehearsals; a lot of effort goes into curating the repertoire, transcribing it from manuscripts or old editions, and editing it.


DEVELOPMENT - it is an ongoing process of allocating potential donors, bringing them on board, and keeping them involved in the project


VENUES - this includes rental fees as well as piano transportation and tuning







Thank You


The Ponce Project gratefully acknowledges the generosity of those individuals that make our mission possible

Andrew & Robin Schirrmeister

Dr. & M. S. Kalsi

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Noel

Tanya Mercer & Omar Herrera Arizmendi

Francine Di & Jose Garza

Chinhui Juhn & Edward R. Allen III

The Estrera Family

Linda R. Katz

Yan Chen

The Pedley Family

The Bera Family

The Mangal Family

Samantha & Saul Martinez

Dr. Richard Johnston Noel Jr.

Tatiana Sorkin

Leslie & Michael Wolf

Constance Holderer

Ivan Herrera Arizmendi

The Ledet Family

The Asadi Family

The Primomo Family

Therese Herrera

Barbara Whitsett

Carolina Ortega Barrales

The Principe Family

The Simon Family

William Godfrey

Christina & Azaria Azene

Boriana Grueva

Michael Melenciuc

Min Yu

Elizabeth Alvarez

Jing Li

Surabhi Presse

Gang Duan

Emily Schaffer

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