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Your Contributions Make an Impact

How you can help

Mail us a check to:               Ponce Project Foundation

                                       3812 La Branch St. Apt. 4

                                       Houston TX 77004

Make an online donation


Become a Sponsor

You automatically become a Sponsor of The Ponce Project with your donation. If you would like us to direct your contribution to a specific area please let us know. These are some examples:


MUSICIANS - sponsor a specific musician during the season or a specific concert; to have high-caliber performances musicians need to get paid fairly so they can devote time to learning and rehearsing the repertoire


RESEARCH - most of the music we perform is not readily available for rehearsals; a lot of effort goes into curating the repertoire, transcribing it from manuscripts or old editions, and editing it.


DEVELOPMENT - it is an ongoing process of allocating potential donors, bringing them on board, and keeping them involved in the project


VENUES - this includes rental fees as well as piano transportation and tuning







Thank You


The Ponce Project gratefully acknowledges the generosity of those individuals that make our mission possible

Andrew & Robin Schirrmeister

Dr. & M. S. Kalsi

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Noel

Jeannine & Patrick Flynn

Tanya E. Mercer

Francine Di

Jose Luis Garza

Chinhui Juhn & Edward R. Allen III

The Estrera Family

Marcellus & May Barone

Paige Boone

Margaret & David Brenner

Linda R. Katz

Kathleen Bucher

Ralph & Vicky Burch

Yan Chen

The Pedley Family

James & Carrie Derrick

The Bera Family

George & Maria Diaz-Arrastia

The Mangal Family

Samantha & Saul Martinez

Dr. Richard Johnston Noel Jr.

Tatiana Sorkin

Leslie & Michael Wolf

Constance Holderer

Ivan Herrera Arizmendi

The Ledet Family

Lady & Freddie Guzman

The Asadi Family

Steven & Tom Hamilton

Phillip & Grace Henderson

The Primomo Family

Terese Herrera

Rodrigo & Ellie Herrera

Barbara Whitsett

Eliane Herring

Carolina Ortega Barrales

Adriana Houlton

The Principe Family

Barbara & Richard Josephson

Mayra & William July

The Simon Family

Cinthia & David Kagay

Diana Hudson & Lee Kaplan

William Godfrey

Nancy Kerby

The Azene Family

John Kidd

John & Carol Klug

Boriana Grueva

The Melenciuc Family

Min Yu

Matthew Mistica & Nguyen Thao

Elizabeth Alvarez

Stephen & Betty Newton

Jing Li

Matthew P. Nickson

Surabhi Presse

Ramon & Carmen Noyola

Gang Duan

Emily Schaffer

Nora C. Quiocho

Carolyn & Matt Roch

William Russell

Laura & Ralph Samano Martinez

Anne Sanchez

Jordan & Maddie Thomas

Ann Tornyos

Melissa Valdez

Jane Vandiver

Angel Werch

Jie & Hugh Willey

Peter & Kathy Wolynes

Marissa Yu

The Zamora Family

Ying Zhang

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