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Our Mission

The Ponce Project is committed to promoting the rich and exceptional classical music heritage of Latin America.

Why do we do it?

Because the canon of the classical music repertoire from Latin America is mostly unknown to music lovers around the globe. Because the quality, quantity, originality, and diversity of the music make it stand on its own. Because it should be part of the standard classical repertoire. 

About Ponce

The Ponce Project takes its name from the Mexican composer Manuel M. Ponce (1882-1948). Ponce is one of the most important composers from Latin America and arguably the first one in the continent to synthesize European, Mexican folk music, and other elements into an original musical idiom. The Ponce Project uses Ponce as an emblem for all classical composers from Latin America.

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Does Latin American Classical Music Exist?

Although the answer today is an obvious “yes”, just a few years ago it was not a self-evident truth; at least not in the United States and Europe. The story of Latin American classical music is rich and complex; it is also very much, as art is, intimately related to politics, economics, and a complicated set of circumstances. The Ponce Project intends to tell part of that story through original music performances that inform, cultivate and enrich the listener.

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