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Edgar Herrera

Director at Large

edgar herrera arizmendi

Born and raised in Mexico, Mr. Herrera received the prestigious 2004-2005 Management Fellowship of the League of American Orchestras, taking on special projects with senior leadership at The Philadelphia Orchestra, The Atlanta Symphony, The Aspen Music Festival & School and The Elgin Symphony (IL). In 2005 he was appointed the Executive Director of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra; after two years leading the PSO, he was nominated for the League´s Executive Director of the year under 40. In 2007 he was recruited by the Syracuse Symphony to lead the Marketing and Patron Development department. Mr. Herrera moved to Mexico City in 2009 to become the Executive Director of a private foundation formed by partners of the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. In 2013 the Clinton Global Initiative extended an invitation to Mr. Herrera and his foundation to become a member. In 2014, with an entrepreneurial mindset and smart investments, Mr. Herrera successfully developed a multitude of business ventures, including a digital accounting firm, an international trade enterprise, a consulting firm and a mining business, which he sold in 2019 to go back to his real passion, the performing arts. Mr. Herrera joined the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra in early 2020, where he successfully used his experience, both in the Arts and in the private sector, to completely transform the institution.

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